Lancashire Victim Services is made up of a number of Lancashire-based partners, commissioned to deliver high-quality, victim-focussed services for the county’s residents.

By contacting Lancashire Victim Services, you agree your information can be shared with these organisations, as required.

All of the organisations involved in Lancashire Victim Services are committed to supporting victims regardless of whether the crime has been reported to the police.

The following partners are currently working on our behalf to deliver services for victims in Lancashire:

Victim Support

The prime provider of victim services on behalf of Lancashire Victim Services, Victim Support handle all calls from victims and also make direct contact with victims who have reported crimes to Lancashire Constabulary.

Based in Preston, the service is made up of a network of staff and volunteers who are able to provide a wide variety of information, advice and support. Where necessary, Victim Support also make referrals to specialist LVS providers, and other partners across Lancashire.

Victims’ Voice

Victims’ Voice is a support and advocacy service for people in Lancashire affected by hate crime.

The organisation is a partnership between Disability First and Smile Mediation Ltd and aims to support victims through a network of case workers, as well as raise awareness of what hate crime is.

Trust House Lancashire

Trust House Lancashire provides child-centred therapeutic support and counselling to young people aged four to 17 who have been affected by sexual abuse or rape.

The service operates across the south, west and east of the county, and is available to all victims regardless of whether they are involved with the criminal justice process, as well as to other family members who may be affected.

The Birchall Trust

The Birchall Trust works alongside Trust House Lancashire to provide counselling and support for young people who have been victims of sexual abuse or rape, who are living in the north of the county. The organisation operates from bases in Lancaster and Morecambe.

The service includes counselling for older children and teenagers, as well as creative therapy – such as play, art or sand – for younger clients.