Are you a victim of domestic abuse?

If you are suffering from domestic abuse you are likely to be feeling isolated, hurt, upset and scared. Domestic abuse is never OK and it is never your fault. If you are suffering from domestic abuse please get in touch. Our specially trained staff will be able to help you access the right support for you.

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Your Support Journey

Every journey begins with the initial step of getting in touch.

Once you have contacted us, we can support you in whichever way suits you best and tailor our service to your individual circumstances. Read more about what your journey could look like.

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Don’t Want To Talk?

We realise that you may not feel like talking to anybody after becoming a victim of crime.

That is why we are working on putting together some resources that may help you cope with what you have experienced.

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Are You a Victim of Hate Crime?

If you have been the victim of crime due to your religion, gender, sexual orientation, disability, ethnic background or based on your appearance we are here to help. We can provide counselling, advocacy and mediation to help you move forward.

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Rape and Sexual Assault

If you have been the victim of rape or sexual assault we can offer you specialist support and ensure you get the help you need in a way that works for you.

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Restorative Justice

Restorative justice gives victims of crime the opportunity to meet or communicate with the person who committed a crime against them.

Find out how restorative justice works, how you could benefit from it and how you can get the process started.

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Are You Under 18?

Nest Lancashire has been set up to support young people who have been affected by crime or subjected to bullying, threats or harassment. You can talk to us in confidence and all of our services are free of charge. Our aim is to help you recover from whatever it is you have experienced and feel safe again.

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Our Commitment

We are here… to talk, to listen, for advice, for help.

We are committed to providing victims and witnesses across Lancashire with the best possible care and advice.

We are here for you.

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Your Rights – The Victims’ Code

Every victim of crime has the right to receive a set level of service from the criminal justice system which is detailed in the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime.

Find out about your key rights as a victim.

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