If you have witnessed a terrorist attack or have become injured as a result of terrorism we are here to support you. We provide emotional support, guidance and practical help to make sure you can move forward. You can talk to us over the phone, write to us or meet with us in person.

We can provide counselling to help you work through what has happened to you and to come to terms with life following a traumatic experience. Our specially trained counsellors can help you in dealing with other organisations like the police or insurances for example. We can also assist you in making claims for financial assistance.

If you have been left hurt or upset following a terrorism incident, we are to help.

Whether you have been affected recently or in the past, we are here – to talk, to listen, for advice, for help.

All of our services are free and confidential. Please get in touch.

Looking after yourself following a terrorist attack

Following the attack on Manchester’s MEN arena we have put together some information to help you look after yourself if you have been caught up in the events or if what you have been affected by what you have seen or heard in the media.

Read our guidance to looking after yourself following a terrorist attack.

Case Study

Lucy and Jane* were referred to Lancashire Victim Services by holiday company Thomson, following the shootings at a Tunisian hotel in 2015.

Both women had been by the pool when the shootings started, and had been hit from behind by a grenade as they tried to run to safety. They managed to make it out of the hotel, but became separated at this point and were taken to two separate hospitals, where both were treated for serious injuries before being flown home by private plane. It is expected that Lucy’s injuries will prove life-changing.

It was at this point that we became involved with providing emotional and immediate practical support. This included an advocacy service with Thomson, as both women had left Tunisia without their belongings. We also liaised with AA Insurance on Jane’s behalf, as she had dropped her phone while running from the attacks and had been unable to get it back.

In the aftermath of the attacks she was struggling to go out alone, particularly without a phone, and her insurers were unable to cover the full cost of the phone. As a consequence, we were able to provide her with a voucher to top up her insurance pay-out, and enable Jane to buy the phone she had had before.

Manchester Victim Care Unit linked in with the British Red Cross following the attacks and set up a fund for seriously injured victims, and Lucy was able to access £3000 from this fund. Victim Support has also assisted both women to complete the necessary paperwork for the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) and continues to provide ongoing support.