Sometimes, the police may feel dealing with the crime out of court is the best solution.

For certain crimes, this allows them to be dealt with more proportionately for the benefit of both the victim and the offender.

If your case doesn’t go to court, you should always be told the reason for the decision. And, in some cases, you may be given a say in the punishment the offender is given as a result, through a piece of legislation called the Community Remedy.

Out of court disposals are not suitable for more serious cases and for those where the offender does not admit responsibility.

The out-of-court disposals which are available for the police to consider include:
•  Restorative Justice
•  Community Remedy
•  Simple Adult Cautions or Youth Cautions (for under-18s)
•  Adult Conditional Cautions or Youth Conditional Cautions (for under-18s)
•  Penalty Notices for Disorder or Cannabis Warnings