Volunteering – what does it mean?

Becoming a volunteer means contributing some of your time to help Lancashire Victim Services in supporting victims and witnesses of crime across Lancashire.

You can offer your support several hours a week or just help out occasionally. You can volunteer during the day, in the evenings or at weekends. The amount of time you would like to offer can be discussed when you contact us, we are grateful for any contribution.

Who can become a volunteer?

Crime can affect people of all ages, communities and walks of life so we welcome volunteers from all backgrounds. Please contact us if you are interested in supporting Lancashire Victim Services. The minimum age to become a Lancashire Victim Services volunteer is 18.

Why volunteer?

Our volunteers tell us that they enjoy helping others and find their roles very rewarding. Here are just some of the benefits of contributing your time:

• You can make a real difference in your community
• Feel a sense of pride about giving back
• Learn new skills, all of our volunteers receive training for their roles
• Gain a better understanding of crime, the criminal justice system and the legal system
• Meet new people

How you can help

Our volunteers can help in different ways.

Supporting victims of crime
The main part of our service is to support victims and witnesses of crime, to provide emotional support, information and practical help. All of our volunteers receive excellent training to prepare them for the role and ensure they can provide the best support possible.

Supporting witnesses
Witness service volunteers provide support and information to witnesses, their friends and families throughout the entire court process.

Office support
From administration to training or translating, there are various opportunities to provide office based support. Please contact us to talk about current opportunities.

Find out more

If you would like to find out more about current volunteer opportunities please contact us.